Terms and Conditions of Delivery 


  1.  After the contract has come into effect (i.e. the funds have arrived at seller’s bank account), the product is delivered according to the delivery conditions that were previously arranged with the order. A phone number is required when placing an order. 

  2.  A courier delivers the product, its user guide and all the necessary documents to the customer during the specified time.

  3. Should the seller be unable to deliver the product during specified time due to circumstances that are beyond its control (e.g. the product is temporarily out of stock), the seller will inform the customer of such circumstances via phone or e-mail within 5 business days after the contract came into effect. At the same time, a new delivery time will be arranged with the customer.

  4. You have the right after paying for the product, but before product delivery, to cancel your order by sending a corresponding message along with order number and your bank account number to OT Service OÜ online store’s e-mail address shop@otttanak.com or by calling the client support number +372 677 4446.

  5. If the customer has paid for the product, but the product has not yet been delivered, the customer has the right to cancel the order by sending a corresponding message along with the order number and the customer’s bank account number to the seller via email address shop@otttanak.com or by calling the customer support at +372 677 4446.

  6. Once the product has been handed over to the courier, the courier will contact the customer to arrange a delivery time.

  7.  A courier delivers the product to the address specified in the order. Delivery address cannot be changed once the order has been placed.

  8. Delivery to an apartment or house means placing the product over the customer’s front door into the first room, but further than that.

  9. The customer should make sure that the contact information provided during the checkout process is valid, so there would not be any delays or misunderstandings while delivering the product. The seller and/or the courier are not responsible for any delays that were caused by inaccurate or invalid information provided by the customer.

  10. A courier delivers the product to the customer along with a delivery note. Before signing the delivery note, the customer should check the condition of a package. If the package appears to have been damaged during delivery, the customer should make a relevant record on the delivery note. The customer should then contact the seller’s customer support via e-mail address shop@otttanak.com or via phone +372 677 4446. A product that was damaged during delivery will be replaced.

Delivery options

Ott Tänak Fanshop is using the most common delivery options in Estonia for the local and worldwide deliveries:

  • Omniva Parcel Machines (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • Omniva carrier/ international shipments
  • SmartPost Parcel Machines (NB! only certain locations in Finland)


Generally, all of the products will be shipped the latest on the fifth working day after receiving the payment.

Package measurements

All the products of Ott Tänak Fanshop are classified in three different categories:

  • S: 9 x 38 x 64 cm
  • M: 19 x 38 x 64 cm
  • L: 39 x 38 x 64 cm

Maximum weight of the shipments can not be over 30kg.

Shipping conditions

Ott Tänak Fanshop ships all the products worldwide. The prices of the shipments will vary according to the countries and all the costs will be calculated on the checkout of Ott Tänak Fanshop e-store before the payment of the order.

Pick up your order from the shopFREE!

All the orders are available for collecting from our store without shipping fee. Ott Tänak Fanshop is located in Paavli 5, 10412, Tallinn, Estonia. Store is opened only in certain times, please contact with our costumer service for more information +372 677 4446 or email shop@otttanak.com.

Omniva Parcel Machine

You can find the locations of the parcel machines from here.

All the products will be delivered to the parcel machine normally during 1-3 workdays after the payment of the order, but please concider that the maximum time of the placement of shipping will be up to 5 workdays. You will be notified via SMS after your orded has arrived to the parcel machine. You will recieve an unique door code, parcel machine location, return code and the deadline of the holding of your order.

Customer is required to keep the barcode that is attached to the package until the end of the 14-days return period. Customer can exchange the Products if needed or return it to the shop using the special barcode on the package.

If there are any ongoing sales on the shop, there might be longer delivery times than usually. We apologize for the possible inconveniece.

If you have any questions, please call to our costumer service +372 677 4446 (Mon-Sun 10-21) or send an email to shop@otttanak.com.

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